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Reptile Decor & Terrarium Decorations

Why do reptiles need enclosure decor? Despite what some believe, stone art serves purposes beyond mere aesthetics. Hides, caves, plants, etc. provide functional value for your reptile and its ecosystem. The keyword when discussing enclosure decor’s main purpose is enrichment. Enrichment goes beyond basic needs. Decor enhances the life of your reptile by providing a place to hide, objects to explore, and a stimulating environment for your reptile to indulge its instincts. We discuss these benefits more in-depth below.


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Enclosure decor provides shelter for your reptile. Fulfilling your pet’s fundamental needs is the first step to creating a nurturing environment for them. Reptiles are expert hiders. Even if you deliberately seek them out, they’ll be difficult to find. Their main goal is to live long enough to reproduce. Staying hidden helps them stay alive by avoiding predators and allowing them to conserve energy. But reptiles like to have options, so the more hiding places, the better. When these opportunities to hide don't exist, your reptile may feel overly exposed to danger and become stressed. Like humans, stress affects reptiles in several ways, including loss of appetite, decreased immune system (which leads to more frequent sickness and longer recovery times), and a shorter lifespan. If you're worried you won't ever see your reptile again, the opposite could be true. Your reptile may feel more relaxed and confident to venture out if they know they have several safe places to retreat to in a time of stress. So, you might see your pet more often than if you don’t provide enclosure decor. 

Enclosure decor creates more opportunities to explore. A functional home doesn’t necessarily equate to a happy home. If you were stuck in your home with no entertainment, you'd come to this realization quickly. Reptiles need places to explore to stimulate their senses and help them stay alert. In the wild, reptiles flex their problem-solving muscles to hunt for food, escape from predators, and remain safe. They’re not as simple-minded as some would believe, leaving room for boredom to arise. You can combat that boredom with a variety of enclosure decor. Reptiles enjoy burrow-able substrate, rocks and hides, climbable branches, and edible plants. What you choose will, of course, depend on the type of reptile you’re accommodating. To continue engaging your reptile, switch out a log or basking rock now and again. You want to keep the mystery alive, just be careful not to overdo it. Drastic changes to their environment could be another source of stress for these pets.

Enclosure decor indulges their instincts. Nature is full of plants, dirt, rocks, bodies of water, pebbles, twigs, other creatures, and more. Your reptile has a natural drive to seek out and use these resources, and that's impossible to do in an empty tank. Therefore, you need to do your research on your reptile’s natural habitat. Details like whether it’s humid or arid, flat, or inclined, and the type of plants you use matter. Find out if your creature is more of a digger, a climber, or both. The goal isn’t to replicate their natural habitat flawlessly but to discover the essential elements to incorporate into their enclosure and create an environment in which they can thrive.