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Royal Reptile Hides & Caves Made of Real Stone 

Welcome to our selection of handcrafted Royal Rock Caves. We use natural stone to recreate a native habitat inside terrariums for a variety of different species like reptiles, fish, and amphibians These natural hides provide a secure and secluded spot for your pet to retreat to and feel safe in their environment.

Add a touch of nature to your reptile's enclosure with our authentic rock caves. These hides are one-of-a-kind pieces, no two are alike! Our Stone Artist’s here at Blu’s Zoo carefully select every rock when crafting your rock cave, ensuring the finest quality for your pet.


Reptile Hides & Caves

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Made from high-quality rock, our hides are durable and long-lasting, ensuring your pet has a comfortable spot to relax for years to come. The authentic look and feel of real rocks create a realistic and visually appealing environment for your pet, while also promoting healthy shedding and aiding in maintaining proper humidity levels.

Most Reptiles need a warm, cool, and a humid spot in their habitat. Stones conduct and retain heat well, but also when placed away from the heat these hides will serve as a cool environment. As mentioned above, in addition to these two areas of your terrarium, your reptile will require a humid area within their tank. To help with this, spray the inside of your hide or humidity box with warm water, then add moist Dicranum like broom-fork moss, mountain-fork moss or camp moss to create a high humidity space necessary for shedding!

But the benefits of our rock hides don't stop there. The secure and secluded nature of these hides can also help to reduce stress in your pet, allowing them to feel more at home in their enclosure. Whether you have a reptile, fish, or amphibian, our rock hides are the perfect addition to any enclosure.

All our hides are handcrafted with care by our team of skilled artisans. We take pride in the quality of our work and strive to create the perfect hide for your pet.

Browse our selection of handcrafted rock caves and give your pet the gift of a natural and secure spot to retreat to.