Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we source our rocks?

We select our rocks from ancient river beds that dried out a long time ago.

We also go pick at mountain tops and bottom.

Do we accept Custom Orders?

Yes we certainly do.

For custom orders please Contact Us through the website, or per email teambz@bluszoo.com
Please include detailed description and dimensions. Thank you!


Can you specify Dimensions for Hides & Basking Rocks?

We list all product dimensions in the description. It will show appr. Length x Width x Height & Weight.

Rock hides will also list cave entrance & inside dimensions.

Do you have 8" x 8" Basking Rocks?

Yes! We carry a wide variety of Basking Rocks in stock, anywhere from 5" x 5" to 24" x 12".

What colored Rocks do we carry?

We have a wide variety of rock white, blue, orange, red to dark rocks, grey and brown.