Reptile Habitat Décor Stones and Rock Hides

We’ve all seen the descriptions, “Mimics natural hiding places and shelters etc.”

Our Rocks don’t mimic.

From Basking Rocks to Climbing Décor, our products are made of the raw materials your pet is instinctively searching for.

Stacked Rock Hide

Extremely happy with the natural rock hide I received! The tortoises often seek shelter in it and it just looks fantastic in their naturalistic enclosure. 10/10

Terence Hay

Royal Cave | Medium

I was a little hesitant buying a rock online. It's much more than that! It creates a beautiful nature shaped habitat that my Leo absolutely loves! Ed loves sleeping in his rock and basking on the top. Highly recommend. Happy Leo

Ian C.

Stone Water Basin | Large

my bowl was slightly chipped (due to shipment's fault) seller went above & beyond to resolve the issue. I will definitely be buying ALL of my reptiles stones from here!! such gorgeous pieces!! picture does not do justice!

Maegan Villareal

Royal Cave | Large

Best Rock Hide Available. Exactly what I needed and is my leopard gecko's new favorite hide

Nate Klein

Each of our products are created by the chance to take something ordinary and integrate it into your pet’s living environment. Just as no two snowflakes are created exactly alike, neither is our hand-crafted terrarium decor.

Take a look at our single pieces! Royal Rock Caves

This gives you the opportunity to be picky. Choose the exact rock you want, no surprises.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us and we will help find it for you!

Get a stone that is as rare as you.

Looking to create the ultimate bioactive enclosure?

You can take comfort in knowing that our products are 100% natural and contain ZERO synthetic chemicals or materials.

 Real stones are the perfect launching point for naturally occurring flora and fauna with minimal outside interference. 

Create your pet's oasis with our Terrarium Décor!

It took several hundreds of millions of years to perfect our products.

Science and technology have made incredible strides in our history, but that is no comparison to the work our earth has done over 4.5 billion years.

Creatures have been using rocks in their habitats all of their existence.

By choosing Blu’s Zoo you are supporting an old craftsmanship that has been a part of our society for 5.000 years.

All our products are meticulously chosen straight from the great outdoors, and contain only minerals found in nature.

Here at Blu’s Zoo it is our endeavor to grow the bond between us and the creatures whom we share this world with, by fostering our connection with nature.

We believe in our products.